My day and what I use daily

The hard part of working from being a remote worker, and work at home is to wake up.

I’ll like to tell you that I wake up at 8:00 am or even earlier in the morning, but being honest is something impossible. Sometime I wake up at 9:00 am.

There are two things that I do when I wake up:

  • Give the breakfast to Fiona (my dog)
  • Prepare my mate

For the ones that know what a mate is, skip the next paragraph  😛

Mate is a hot infusion (like a tea) and is really traditional in Argentina, like the 5pm tea at England, with the difference that we drink it at the morning, at the evening an event at night. Here you can read more about Mate. In provinces with hot weather like Chaco (the province I was born and lived for many years) there is a variant of the Mate that is called Tereré and is basically the same as mate but with cold water.

My Mate


After I got my mate ready I sit at my desktop and login to the computers and the first thing I do is check on the calendar for meetings or personal appointments.

This take me like 5 to 10 min depending on how awake I’m or the hurry I have to do something.

After a couple of years of saving money and investing on my desktop, this is how it looks now:


From left to right, from front to back:

  • By casualty I have a glass of water here, I usually have another spiritual drink… like my mate hahaha
  • A charger dock station for my iPhone and Apple Watch
  • The red little thing are my AirPods that I use for meetings or listening some testing videos
  • 13 inches MacBook Pro
  • Magic trackpad
  • My ~6 years old Adidas wallet that is empty because I had a soccer match and a bbq yesterday
  • 15 inches HP Z Book
  • Two Samsung monitors: 28″ and 20″ for the other (not really sure)
  • Between the monitors a bluetooth speaker a UE Wonderboom

My daily work is done in booth computers, since I have to test in several browsers, but I prefer not to use the HP and work mostly at the Macbook.

I used to use wired headphones but I discovered that sometimes I can take calls on the phone. So again I invested on bluetooth headphones and now I can take my calls or meetings without being in the computer. While walking on the apartment, on the balcony, or even preparing lunch.

One think that I discovered with the time is that when you work remotely you need MUST invest in your desktop, in your chair, in your internet provider, in your screen, etc

Remember: you are going to spend at least 8 hours a day in front of the computer, sited in a chair, looking to a screen, navigating on internet, and at the long term you are going to understand that you made an investment, and not an expense.

I discovered in the hard way working on a small table sitting at the floor, looking at 13″ MacBook in my apartment, and let me tell you; it was not easy at the beginning. I have to save and invest money to have the workspace I have now and I think that I can improve a lot of things more, but now I think is ok.

When I have some time or after a meeting I take my dog to a walk; this have the same priority as work, we can’t be online 8 hours non stop. So walk for a couple of blocks in the neighborhood or a park that is close to our house help us to stay fresh and continue working in my case, continue sleeping in her case.

When working remotely you are going to be very familiar with time zones; sometimes you start working at 9am and the guys in the other side of the world are at their 3pm. So is really important that you handle your time. In my case I try to have time for breakfast, for lunch and then my personal time.

Lunch time is really important and the best practice is not to eat in the desktop, something I never do, except when I do a bbq with some remote workers friends.

My personal time is at the end of my day I always check I have logged the time I have worked on the time tracker tool, answer / read all the conversations on slack, turn down the volume and disconnect the mac from the Wonderboom.

This last thing is super important since the MacBook or the HP even when is locked continue reproducing the sounds of the messages I receive in the chat apps. In my case is important since my wife kindly remind me when I forget the sound turned on.

If you were expecting more post, I’m sorry, is not easy and I don’t know what to write about. If you weren’t expecting any new post, you are welcome hahaha

“Besis para todis” / “Little Kisses for everyone”

I’m done for today.