New lifestyle and unexpected new friends

I though that working remotely was really fun and easy.

Starting working remotely for me was a real pain, since I was not ready; i had made my research, reading blogs and web pages about “how to start working remotely” and where nice and helpful, but there are things that they don’t mention.

The most common topics when you read about are:

  • Build your workspace with a desktop, a nice chair.
  • Get a nice internet connection
  • Have a separate place to work on, a second room is ideal
  • Get rid of all the possible distractions: tv, game consoles and things like that

When I started, I did not do any of those thingsI had a little table, I work on the floor in front of a 42 inches flat tv, a Sony Muteki home theater; all of this in my one room apartment, since I started without any budget. So my suggestion is: save some money so you can setup a nice place to work. Remember, invest in your workplace, you are going to spend +8 hours a day.

But don’t worry if you don’t do this, you are going to learn on the hard way (like me) haha

Another thing that no one talk about this is the fact that you work alone (physically) at your home, unless that you work on a co-working space.

So your are going to have new friends in the neighbourhood… Like, in my case, the cashier on the supermarket; a chinese guy that knows 3 or 4 words in spanish. Quick story: yesterday I was taking a walk with Fiona (my dog) and my friend scream at me “Amigoooooooo” from the other side of the street, witch I respond with “Amigoooooo” hahahha and that was all the communication of the day. Amigo = Friend (in spanish).

Ramón and Jean are the butchers and Jony the owner of the butcher shop . As I mention I use my grill a lot, or at least one or twice a week. So I visit them like 3 or 4 times a week. In our friendship we are at the point that they save me the best meet the fresh one. Let me tell you guys, this is a win-win relationship, they give me best meat for my bbq and I don’t buy in other places. If you are in Bs As, go to Cabañas Pachi and say to the guys that you come on behalf of “el chino” this is the location.

Next to the butcher shop I used to go to a greengrocery (the place where I buy all my vegetables and the firewood) Tomás is the Bolivian guy that works with his wife I guess.. not sure about this. Really nice people and super social too. If you are in a hurry, don’t recommend to go there, you are going to be like 15 min to buy: tomatoes, lettuce, onions and potatoes.

Another recommendation is: adopt a pet (a dog preferable) since the dog is going to demand you to move on, take a walk, go to the park visit the veterinarian and another responsibilities like clean up the mess, teach some tricks and keep it entertained.

Related to this, you are going to realize that will make some friends in the park where you take your dog. Something funny I experience often is that when I’m walking on the street there are people that say hi and introduce like “the owner of Kai, the Golden retriever”, “the owner of Jordan, the brown Dachshund” and stuff like that.

Always try to be nice, you never know how is going your new friend (?)

This moment is sponsored by Cabañas Pachi.


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Bonus, a beef in slow motion: