Just a simple Remote QA

Start writing is really hard since I’m not used to do it. In fact I never did it at all.

My idea for this blog is not to be a entertainer, an influencer, a remote job guru, or an example of anything or some shitty thing like that; i just want to share things I experience and will be great If someone read my post and find something useful, or ultimately funny.

About me…

Half korean and half Argentinean, with the best (or not) of both cultures 😛

Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro fan, love to play soccer, make barbecues with friends, and drink draft beer. Travel is another thing that I like but I don’t do it so often.

Per the name of the blog, If you didn’t realize I’m a QA Engineer that work remotely; Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and working for a US companies.

Working in IT for +10 years, started as a Ruby Developer, and then changed to QA, and now I still work as QA doing Manual testing and Automation.

Married and owner of an adopted pug called Fiona and an awesome grill at my balcony that I use a lot.

It took me like two days to write this first post. Hope I get more practice and this will take less time.

Here a picture of me visiting Moe’s Bar at Walt Disney World, Fl